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Dyce Energy Credit Policy

Update on our customer criteria

Due to the maintained success of the vaccination programme and easing of lockdown rules Dyce Energy are continuing to operate the same credit policy and are planning to review this in line with any further COVID-19 government guidance.

The credit scores below are based on Creditsafe, and may be different using other credit agencies.

We will accept the below industries if they have a minimum credit score of 40 and they have trading history with filed accounts:

▪ Restaurants
▪ Takeaways
▪ Pubs
▪ Hotels

For non hospitality, we are accepting businesses that score 25 or higher.

We do not accept any businesses that have any current or previous CCJ’s registered against them, even if satisfied.

We do not accept commercial contracts that include residential properties or dwellings.

The latest copy of our Credit Policy can be downloaded here.