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New Tariff Options for Our Customers

We are pleased to offer some exciting new tariffs to help through COVID-19. We have been working hard to understand our customer needs, whilst doing our best to act responsibly for business continuity throughout the lock down period. You may have seen our introduction of fixed debit tariffs, which enabled us to continue acquisition sales. We also made slight changes to our Partner Portal in light of the Coronavirus.

We are now excited to offer even more options for customers. Starting in June 2020 you will see the re-introduction of our variable direct debit tariff. You’ll also see a new product with a slightly higher standing charge for those customers who want a lower unit rate. In addition, we have relaxed our credit policy a little further to match the Government’s ease of lock down for certain business types.

To make life even easier for our Partners we have packaged it all within our online Partner Portal, giving the option to select the right tariff for customers during lock down.

We will continue to improve our systems and service levels through collaborating with Partners and customers, in an effort to help you focus on your day to day work and make our energy tariffs simple and easy to use.

For Partner queries regarding our new products please contact our Sales Team on: 01709 357315 or Customer can contact us via the same number or: