International Women’s Day 2024

At Dyce Energy we are a firm believer that being a great inspirational leader comes down to personality , commitment, perseverance, hard work and attitude – Gender plays no part in the attributes that are desired from our staff and business.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we spoke to Carrianne, HR & Finance Manager, to see what its like working for Dyce Energy.

What is your role at Dyce Energy? 

As the HR & Finance Manager at Dyce, I’ve been on an incredible journey since joining as the company’s first employee (and third staff member) back in 2017. It’s been a whirlwind experience, and I’ve had the privilege of donning various hats throughout the evolution of Dyce Energy. 

Starting as a jack of all trades during the company’s initial start-up phase, I transitioned into the role of Operations Manager before finally taking on my current responsibilities in HR & Finance in 2023. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to witness and contribute to the growth and success of Dyce Energy. 

I am sincerely grateful to have been a part of Dyce from its inception. Being involved in the company’s development and transformation has been a unique and fulfilling experience. Looking forward to continued success and growth as a valued member of the Dyce team. 

Which women inspire you most? 

My sincere and straightforward response is – all women. 

Becoming a mother in 2022 has instilled in me a profound and newfound admiration for the strength of women. We are undeniably resilient!  

Juggling the responsibilities of a full-time job while navigating the complexities of daily life is unequivocal evidence that women are akin to goddesses. Whether or not one chooses to have children, the unwavering dedication and hard work exhibited by women merit recognition and respect. 

In this world where my daughter is growing up, women are recognised for their innate power, and witnessing her confidently forge her own path brings me immense joy. Every moment spent observing her journey is a testament to the enduring strength and capabilities of women. 

What is the most important piece of advice you have been given? 

A guiding principle from Sir Richard Branson, embedded in Dyce Energy’s ethos since its inception: 

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later.” 

This philosophy encourages embracing opportunities with an open mind and the confidence that skills and knowledge can be acquired along the way. It reflects a spirit of resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to take on challenges, embodying the dynamic and forward-thinking culture of Dyce Energy. 

What is your proudest career moment, so far? 

Roaming through Dyce HQ, I’m struck by the realisation that the last 6 years of commitment and hard work have truly paid off. 

Witnessing the team, I’ve had the privilege to train thriving in their roles and seeing the contagious passion everyone has developed for Dyce is an immensely gratifying experience. Knowing that my efforts have played a role in shaping the success of the business today fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride every single day. It’s a testament to the collective dedication and shared journey we’ve undertaken to make Dyce what it is today. 

If we asked the Dyce Energy team to describe you, what would they say? 

Carrianne: ‘A truly exceptional OG teammate, consistently delivering outstanding results!’ 

What the team have to say? 

Lisa (Worked with Carrianne since 2018) – 

“Carrianne serves as an exemplary role model, embodying grace under pressure in her demanding role at Dyce. Her approachability and friendliness make her a standout professional. As a working mother, she not only inspires but also showcases that women can successfully balance a thriving career while nurturing a family.” 

Celia (Worked with Carrianne since 2019) –  

“Carrianne exemplifies forward thinking, approaching each day with enthusiasm and motivating those around her. Her innate positivity not only uplifts everyone but also fosters a willingness to assist in any way possible. Known for her thoughtfulness and  support, Carrianne is always there for anyone in need. As an outstanding coach, she adeptly guides individuals towards achieving their professional goals within the business.” 

Andrew Mead (Worked with Carrianne since 2017) –  

“Carrianne is a fantastic example to all staff members at Dyce. In the 6 years she has worked here she has taken everything in her stride both inside and outside of work, starting as an administrator and moving up to manager as well as recently becoming a new Mum. She should be really proud of herself as a leader and someone other members of staff look up to”. 

Carl (Worked with Carrianne since 2017) –  

“Carrianne is everything we could ask for in an employee. Committed, positive about what we ask her to achieve and ready to learn. We have seen a natural leader develop over time, with a newfound confidence, Carrianne has become a role model and has the respect of her peers. She has a diligent attitude to work and a willingness to listen and embrace new challenges. We have complete trust that Carrianne will be successful in which ever role we ask of her. As part of our Senior Leadership Team Carrianne is a huge influence on the company’s growth and we thank her for all that she’s done and will do in future.” 


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To support International Women’s Day, groups and businesses worldwide have been developing engaging videos and content that solidifies their commitment to building a gender equal world. You can check out the Dyce Energy video over on our social platforms and can see some of the amazing work done across the globe here.

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