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ADR Scheme Going Live on 1st December 2022

As part of the ‘Microbusiness Strategic Review’ Ofgem and the Ombudsman are launching the new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme on the 1st December 2022.  

Ofgem have been looking to improve the experiences of microbusiness customers, including better and fairer deals. As a result, they’ve decided that energy suppliers will only be able to work with Third Party Intermediaries that are signed up to a qualifying dispute resolution scheme. 


What’s about to change?  

  • Provision of principal contractual terms, including third party cost information: strengthening supply licence conditions around the provision of principal contractual terms to ensure consumers receive key information, including about costs, both pre and post contract entrance, in all cases.  
  • TPI dispute resolution: Introducing a requirement for suppliers to only work with TPI’s signed up to a qualifying alternative dispute resolution scheme.  
  • Banning termination notification requirements: prohibiting suppliers from requiring microbusinesses to provide notice of their intent to switch, except for evergreen contracts.  
  • Information and awareness: Citizens Advice are creating new and updated information materials so that microbusiness can access up to date guidance and advice 


Have you put your application in?  


We will be emailing our Partners in October and November to request your ADR number. Please see the link below for more details: 


Energy Brokers | Ombudsman Services (