Where can I find my account number?

Your account number is 8 digits starting with ‘DY’. You can find your account number on your bills or on correspondence that we send you. Online you will find it in Your Energy Online.

What are your opening hours?

We open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. We are closed for bank holidays.

Do you do domestic energy tariff’s?

We only supply to businesses.

Where can I find your standard documents like Change of Tenancy or VAT Forms?

Visit our Useful documents page.

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How do I work out my gas bill?

It’s not as easy as you would think, but we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible below. You can also see this on your bill.

1. We take your previous meter reading away from your current read to give the units used. If you don’t provide a meter read, we will estimate your reading for you.
2. We multiply the number of units by 2.83 to get the m3 (not required if you have a Metric Meter).
3. We multiply this figure by the current Volume Correction Factor and the monthly average Calorific Value (both shown on your current bill).
4. We divide this figure by 3.6 to give the number of kWh you have used.
5. We then multiply your kWh used by the price per kWh shown in this bill to give your gas charge.
6. Finally we take the number of days within the bill period and multiply this by your standing charge to give your standing charge cost.

Your bill is your gas charge + standing charge + CCL + VAT (if applicable).

Can you send my bills and correspondence to a different address?

Yes, it’s easy, just log into Your Energy Online and submit an enquiry or email us at [email protected].

Remember to provide us with your name, supply address and your Dyce Account Number; then tell us the address you would like your correspondence and bills sending to. We will let you know when we have set this up for you.

When do I receive my bill and when is my payment due?

We send your bill monthly to Your Energy Online, we also send you an email to notify you that your bill is ready.

Typically, your bill will be with you in the first week of each month between 1st – 6th of the month. The bill will cover the previous month’s energy usage. In some cases, it can include usage for part of the month prior depending on when you started your contract and when we received your opening read.

Payment terms are 10 days from the date of the invoice. You can expect to pay your bill on or around 10th – 16th every month.

Can you post my bill?

Yes, although we’d prefer not to due to our partnership with the Woodland Trust and our company preference to work online and save the planet.

That said we know it’s not always possible to get access to the internet. We charge £2 for every posted bill. If you don’t tell us we will always email your bill, so please Contact Us and let us know or send an enquiry via Your Energy Online.

Remember to provide us with your name, supply address and your Dyce Account Number. We will let you know when we have set this up for you.

What payment methods do you offer?

We like to keep things simple, so that you only pay for the energy that you use. Our preferred payment method is variable Direct Debit. With Direct Debit you don’t have to worry if your bill is paid each month, we’ll just collect it from your nominated bank account 10 days after you receive your bill.

The meter reading and meter point reference number showing on my bill does not match what is on my meter?

It is possible that a meter exchange has taken place and the National Grid has not been updated with the new details. Please check if there is a yellow sticker on your meter, as this will have details of the exchange. Please Contact Us and we will be happy to check this for you.

If there is no yellow sticker and the meter has not been exchanged, we may have taken the supply incorrectly, so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible.

The reading on my bill is over estimated, can you send me a new bill to my actual reading?

You can make estimated bills a thing of the past by giving us your meter reading before the last day of the month.

Visit our meter reading page to learn how to submit your monthly read via our app, online, by email or by phone.

Once we receive a meter reading from you, your account will be updated the following month and your bill should represent your true account balance. By submitting reads monthly, the majority of your energy bill will be based on actual usage. We may need to estimate the reaming 1-2 days, but this will be updated the next time you submit a reading.

I've just transferred to Dyce Energy and have received a final bill from my previous supplier, but the reading does not match my meter, what should I do?

This could be a problem with your ‘change of supply’ reading from the industry. Please send us your up to date meter reading and any other historic readings. A photo of your meter would help us in case we need to contact your previous supplier. A quick photo from your smart phone or tablet should be fine.

We will then contact your previous supplier and agree a new ‘change of supply reading’ based on your readings. As we rely on your previous supplier responding to us we cannot give exact timescales as to when this will be resolved; however, we will do our best to complete it as quickly as possible for you.

Email your correct reading and if possible a photo of the meter to [email protected].

I've just transferred to Dyce Energy and received my first bill, but my previous supplier is still sending me bills, why is this?

This sounds as though it may be your final bill from your previous supplier. Check the final read on their bill, this should match the opening read on our bill. If they don’t, call your previous supplier to confirm that the National Grid has notified them that your gas supply has transferred to Dyce Energy.

I am not using any gas, so why am I still receiving bills?

We may not know that you are not using gas, which means we will be estimating your usage and sending you bills.

Please Contact Us with your current meter reading or visit Your Energy Online to submit your monthly reading via our app or online.

If the meter will not be consuming for a while it might be worth a chat as we have options for you. If you are not using gas for some time, then we will only bill you for the appropriate fixed charges (standing charges). Download our Non-Consuming Meter Form. Please return this to [email protected].

Fixed charges are passed on to you through us from the National Grid and will apply if you have a gas meter and have the facility to use gas. If you do not intend to use gas at your premises for the foreseeable future, please contact us to arrange a quote for removal of your meter and the termination of your supply. Once your meter is removed you will no longer be liable for any fixed charges.

I have received a reconcile bill with credits or debits?

Don’t worry, it’s normal for us to reconcile your bill when you submit a meter reading. We check that we have estimated you the correct amount of energy, we then check that we have collected the correct amount of VAT and we either add credits or debits to your account for over paid or under paid usage, or we simply cancel previous bills and re-issue the bill for that period based on your accurate usage.

If you don’t submit meter readings we won’t be able to carry out this exercise. It’s important that your account stays up to date, we don’t want to charge you for energy that you aren’t using.

I have not received my bill?

You should receive a bill the month after your contract goes live with Dyce Energy and thereafter every month. However, in some cases we don’t receive an opening meter read from you and we have to wait for your transfer reading from your previous supplier. This can delay your first bill into the following month. It usually takes 15 days from your live date to receive your transfer reading, depending on when this falls we may not be able to bill you until the next following month.

If you haven’t received a bill 3 months after your start date or if you haven’t received a bill but you’ve had them previously from Dyce Energy, then there could be a problem so please Contact Us.

Some of the information on my bill is in-correct?

No problem, we try our best to have the slickest software and CRM systems but from time to time things go wrong. If it’s a wrong address, wrong spelling or a wrong MPRN for example just log into Your Energy Online and send us a quick enquiry. If you’re not already registered to Your Energy Online, then Contact Us and we’ll help you get set up.

As soon as we receive your query we’ll come back to you as quick as possible with an update.

I pay by BACS, when do you need my payment?

The due date on your bill should state clearly when you need to settle your balance. Most of our BACS customers pay in advance of this date to clear the balance early and avoid us contacting you after the due date.

Our bank details are on your latest bill to enable you to set up payment. If you are having trouble making payment, please Contact Us.

I’d like to change the amount of my Direct Debit plan?

We will be happy to review your payment plan with you based on your current circumstances and gas usage. Let’s talk! Please Contact Us today.

What happens if my Direct Debit payment fails?

Don’t worry we will try to take the payment again a week later. If you do experience any problems with your Direct Debit, then please Contact Us as we would be happy to help.

I have changed my bank. How do I alter my Direct Debit details?

We can update your details over the phone, or if you prefer you can Download our Direct Debit Mandate form and return it to us at [email protected].

Please make sure that you supply us with your Dyce Energy Account Number, your supply site address and your contact information when sending your completed form.

After receiving my bill, when will funds be taken out of my account?

Your Direct Debit will be collected on or around 10 days after your bill date. We add a due date on your invoice and, should this fall on a week day, that’s when the money will leave your account.

How do I set up Direct Debit payments?

If you are paying via BACS and want to transfer to Direct Debit it’s a simple process. Either Contact Us or Download our Direct Debit Mandate Form online, complete and return to [email protected].

Please make sure that you supply us with your Dyce Energy Account Number, your supply site address and your contact information when sending your completed form.

What is the Direct Debit Guarantee?

In the future if there is a change to the date, amount or frequency of your Direct Debit, Dyce Energy will always give you 3 working days’ notice in advance of your account being debited. In the event of an error, you are entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society. You have the right to cancel at any time and this guarantee is offered by all the banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.

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Your Energy Online

What is Your Energy Online?

Your Energy Online is your online account portal. Our customers can access their energy bills, submit queries or enter meter reads for their supply sites.

Your Energy Online is available online at or you can download the app on your tablet or smart phone to manage your energy at your fingertips.

How do I register?

Only existing customers can register. When you join Dyce Energy we will send you a welcome email with your registration instructions and a link to sign up.

I haven’t received an email to sign up?

No problem, Contact Us and we will send you a link to register. Please provide us with your Account Number, supply site and contact information.

I have a problem viewing information online?

From time to time we are improving our portal, this might cause delays or errors as we look to improve the availability and functionality of Your Energy Online for our customers.

Sometimes errors are from different web browsers. We want to know if you have a problem viewing your information so that we can check our systems. However, you could try using another internet web browser to see if this solves the problem. Please Contact Us if you are struggling to click links or view information and we will do our best to help.

How do I use Your Energy Online?

We think it’s pretty easy to use, but if you are struggling please call us and we will be happy to show you how to download and use your portal.

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Meter reads & queries

Where is my meter located?

Most business energy meters are located inside the building, often they are in cupboards or have been boxed away for safety.

Your gas meter should look like the one below:

Your electric meter should look like the one below:

Who owns my meter?

Most energy meters are owned by Meter Asset Management companies and your energy supplier has an agreement in place to rent the meter for the period of time that you are in contract for supply.

How do I read my meter?

Visit our Meter Readings page to learn how to read your energy meter.

How often should I read my meter?

It’s good practice to read your energy meter once per month. We require an opening energy meter reading and a final reading should you decide to leave our supply. Visit our Meter Readings page for more information on how and when to read your meter.

How often is my meter read by my supplier?

Energy suppliers should read your meter once every two years. If you have recently joined Dyce Energy and your meter has not been read in the last two years then don’t worry, we will have your meter on our list to read shortly. Rest assured we will have a read before your current tariff ends with us.

I have an agent wanting to read my meter from Dyce Energy, should I let them in?

From time to time we have our agents read your meter to ensure that your account is kept up to date. Our agents come with full Identification and a letter of authority. They have been DBS checked and have the appropriate skills and training to read your energy meter.

If you have any doubt, please do not let them into your building and Contact Us.

What is a Smart Meter or AMR?

A Smart Meter or Automatic Meter Read meter is one which can communicate usage information to your energy supplier. This allows us to understand how much energy your meter is consuming without the need for a meter reading.

Some existing meters can be upgraded to AMR, but older meters may need replacing. It’s a good idea to upgrade your energy meter to save time submitting meter readings. However, there is a cost to installing, upgrading and running an AMR meter.

Dyce Energy will offer an AMR tariff soon, so keep in touch.

Can you remove my meter?

Yes. Meter removal comes at an additional cost to you. Whether it is a meter that isn’t consuming energy, or a meter that we have to remove due to non-payment of bills. The cost to remove energy meters is not fixed and you will need to Contact Us to get a price for removal.

How do I get a new meter installed?

Our energy connections team would love to help! For further information on how to install a new meter and receive a no obligation quotation, please see Contact Us.

I think my meter is faulty?

Please Contact Us as soon as possible to discuss.

My meter doesn't seem big enough for my usage?

Please Contact Us as soon as possible to discuss.

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What VAT should I pay for energy?

Most businesses pay 20% VAT on their invoices. However, this can change based in the amount of energy used in the building. The de-minims ruling from the Government means that we reduce the amount of VAT charged if you use less than 4,397kWh of gas in a month or less than 145kWh per day.

The reduced rate VAT is 5% and this will show on your bill based on your usage.

If you are a charity, or if part of your building is used for domestic use, then you can apply for a reduced rate VAT also. You must check that you are eligible via the Government websites and if you can confirm then simply Download our VAT Declaration Form, complete and return.

The VAT rate for charities and domestic areas of your building is 5%.

What is CCL?

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a Government tax on energy delivered to non-domestic users in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to provide an incentive to increase energy efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions.

What CCL should I pay?

Most businesses pay the standard government rate for CCL. This changes annually, and we will update our systems in accordance with Government changes. For example, if your bill shows a CCL rate of 0.203p per kWh, this will be because this is the current Government charge.

Like VAT however this can change based on the amount of energy used in the building. The de-minims ruling from the Government means that we reduce the amount of CCL charged if you use less than 4,397kWh of gas in a month or less than 145kWh per day.

The de-minimis reduced rate CCL is 0 and this will show on your bill based on your usage.

If you are a charity, or if part of your building is used for domestic use, then you can apply for a reduced rate CCL. You must check that you are eligible via the Government websites and if you can confirm then simply Download our VAT Declaration Form, complete and return.

The CCL rate for charities and domestic areas of your building is 0.

Large energy users may also qualify for the Governments Climate Change Agreement (CCA), which is a voluntary agreement made by UK industry and the Environment Agency to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In return, businesses can receive a discount on the Climate Change Levy tax.

CCA’s are typically for energy intensive industries. We therefore suggestion that you visit and check your eligibility. You’ll also find the reduced rate CCL levels on their website.

How do I apply for reduced rate CCL?

First, we recommend that you visit the Government website and check your eligibility. If you hold a CCA agreement, then we would be happy to talk to you about how we can reduce your CCL rate. Contact Us today.

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I am having problems with low pressure, what do I do?

Call 0800 111 999 immediately, as this may indicate a leak. If the problem persists we recommend you arrange for a Gas Safe Engineer to test your appliances.

I can smell gas, what should I do?


If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, or are worried that fumes containing Carbon Monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please call the free Gas Emergency Services line immediately.

Call: 0800 111 999


In the event of an electrical emergency or power outage please call your local electricity network operator. This is a free service available from most landlines and mobile phones in England, Scotland and Wales.

Call: 105

Who do I contact in an Emergency?


If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, or are worried that fumes containing Carbon Monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please call the free Gas Emergency Services line immediately.

Call: 0800 111 999


In the event of an electrical emergency or power outage please call your local electricity network operator. This is a free service available from most landlines and mobile phones in England, Scotland and Wales.

Call: 105

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Change of ownership

I am moving into a property that you currently supply. What details do you need from me to transfer the account into my name?

Great news, we have a new friend! Let’s make this as easy as possible.

Please Contact Us with a copy of:

  • a new tenancy agreement or
  • a solicitor’s documents
  • The landlords contact details (if applicable)

We will also require:

  • An opening meter reading from your meter
  • the date you moved into the property

Depending on the contract in place with the previous tenant you may be on our standard variable rates. Let’s make sure that we get you onto a new contract as soon as possible so that you get the benefit of a fixed tariff at a lower rate. Contact Us today and let’s see how we can help.

I am moving out of a property that you supply, what details do you need from me?

If you are leaving a property and will no longer be responsible for the energy supply to the building, we require 28 days’ notice before you move out of the building supplied by Dyce Energy.

We will process your request with 28 days once we received from you our Change of Tenancy Form completed with written proof of the new owner or tenant taking over the site in the form of:

  • a new tenancy agreement or
  • a solicitor’s documents

If your landlord is picking up responsibility for the energy contract in the building, then we will need them to contact us and confirm in writing they are happy to take ownership of the energy supply to the building.

If you fail to supply us with the above documents, we will continue to bill you and you will be responsible for all charges, even if you move out of the building.

It is important that on the day of leaving the property you provide us with:

  • your final meter reading
  • the date you moved out

If you are moving to a new premise we would love to pick up where we left off. Get a Quote now for your new location or Contact Us to today to get a price.

Once I have moved out of a property, how quickly will I receive my final bill?

We aim to update our records within one week of your 28th day notice period. Once the change of tenancy is completed you will receive your final bill on our next monthly bill run. If you leave your contact details with us we will always contact you if we have any problems.

I am the leaseholder of a property and want to sublet the property – is this allowed?

We do not generally accept sublets, as we can only bill the person legally responsible for a property. However, we can accept a sublet if you hold a long-term lease from the freeholder. By long-term lease we mean one that is for 25 years or more.

We would require a copy of the leasehold agreement. If there is no long-term leasehold agreement we would require you to provide written permission from the freeholder confirming you have permission to sublet the property.

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Credit control

I have received a letter advising that my account is in arrears and my meter may be removed. How do I make a payment?

Please contact our Credit Control team today on 01709 357315 or [email protected]. We can talk through your options and work with you to help manage your account.

You have removed my meter and I would like to be re-connected, what do I need to do?

If there is an outstanding bill on your account please contact our Credit Control team on 01709 357315 or [email protected] to make payment, we can then discuss your options for installing a new meter.

If you have just moved in to the property we need to see confirmation of your ownership or lease. We can then talk about fitting a meter for you. You may find our Change of Tenancy FAQ’s useful.

I forgot to pay my bill?

To avoid late payment charges and entering our debt management process please make payment as soon as you can.

We may have already been in touch to give you your options. If not, then get in touch today.

If you continually pay late then we may add charges to your account. Contact Us if you are having problems paying your energy bill on time.

I can't afford to pay my bill, what are my options?

We run a business too, we know it’s not easy. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to discuss a short-term payment plan, Contact Us and we can talk through your needs.

I have received a reminder letter showing an outstanding amount; however, I have recently made payment?

Sometimes there may be a ‘cross-over’ period between letters being issued and payments being received.

If you call our Credit Control team on 01709 357315 we will be happy to check that your payment has reached us and has been allocated to your account.

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Sales & contracts

My meter didn’t transfer to Dyce Energy?

There could be several reasons why the transfer didn’t happen. Usually we have applied but the transfer has been rejected by your current supplier. Whilst we hope to resolve all objections before the expected go live date, sometimes it’s not possible. In all cases we advise you to contact your current supplier to investigate why the meter is not transferring to Dyce Energy.

Once you have resolved the issue with your current supplier we can re-apply for a transfer which may take up to 14 days.

I've received a welcome letter from you but I don’t remember agreeing a contract?

You may have agreed your contract verbally over the telephone or in writing with us or via one of our Partners. If you wish to request a copy of your contract or if you have any questions, then we will be more than happy to look in to this for you. Contact us.

I've just signed my contract with you, when will it go live?

If you wanted your contract to start with Dyce Energy as soon as possible then it will take at least 14 calendar days to transfer your gas supply from your current supplier. In some cases, this may take longer. Delays can be due to your current supplier raising an objection.

If your contract has a specified start date in the future, we will aim to get your energy supply transferred to us on that date.

What different types of contracts do you offer?

We offer different tariffs to suit your needs. In general, we offer fixed contracts for gas, 12 & 24 months but we want to hear from you if you have a specific need.

To read more about our tariff’s visit our tariff pages.

What is my notice period?

You are required to give us 30 days’ notice prior to your contract end date. You can find your contract end date on a copy of your bill.

What happens if I do not terminate my contract?

We will write to you at least 60 days prior to your contract end date, the letter reminds you of the date you need to send your termination notice by.

It also tells you that if for whatever reason you decide not to submit a termination notice to us, we will enter you onto our standard variable contract rates.

Whilst these may not be the most competitive rates in the market they are flexible as you can leave at any time with 30 days’ notice.

If you Get in touch then we would be happy to arrange a new fixed term tariff, which could save you money on our standard variable rates.

What’s your out of contract rates?

You can see our standard variable tariff rates on our website here.

When can I terminate my contract?

You can terminate your contract at any time, but you will not be allowed to leave your fixed term contract until your contract end date. If you are on a standard variable tariff, then we require 30 days’ notice.

Can you provide me with a renewal price?

Of course! Typically, we wouldn’t offer a renewal price until 6 months prior to your current contract end but get in touch and let’s see if we can get you a competitive fixed term tariff for your business.

What is my contract end date?

This is the date that your fixed term tariff comes to an end with Dyce Energy. You can find this date on a copy of your latest bill or you can Contact Us and we would be happy to provide this information.

If you are not calling directly from the business, we will require a Letter of Authority from the customer giving you permission to access this information.

I would like a quote for my business gas supply?

Great news! You can Get a Quote online now. If you need any help, please Contact Us and we would be happy to give you a competitive quote for your business.

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Our partners

Who are your Partners?

Dyce Energy has a number of Partners who, with our permission, sell our energy tariffs to businesses. Their role is to compare energy tariff’s and offer you the most competitive price at the time. They may also offer added value services as well as energy tariff’s.

In some cases, it might not always be price lead and the Partner will do their best to help you through the energy industry to make sure that you understand the offers available to you.

How do you ensure that your partners are suitable?

Each Partner has been carefully selected and undergone our vetting process. They have a legally binding agreement and strict rules to abide by to offer Dyce Energy tariff’s.

We have regular contact with our Partners and maintain regular dialogue around contracts submitted to Dyce Energy, status and any complaints that we may have received.

Dyce Energy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and has a detailed Privacy Policy which our suppliers should abide by.

I can’t remember which Partner I took my contract through?

No problem, Contact Us and we will be happy to investigate.

Can I trust my Partner to terminate my contract and set up the Dyce Energy Contract?

Yes, our Partners are a trusted extension of our business. They know how to terminate contracts with existing suppliers and how to set up new ones. However, if you’re not sure, we always advise that you contact your supplier yourself to double check it has been done. In this case you can be guaranteed that termination and set up of supply is arranged.

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