Useful documents

Like to have all the information at your fingertips? We do too! We understand that you would rather be working on your next business masterpiece than contacting us to get hold of a document for your energy plan.

To save you time we have attached our most regularly requested documents below. If you don’t see the document you need or if you have another query related to our energy tariffs, check out our FAQs page. Its jam packed with answers to our most regular questions.

Dyce Energy Contract Pad

Ok, we’re not being presumptuous we promise, but just in-case you wanted to check that you have the latest version to sign from one of our Partners, or if you wanted to complete and return your own energy contract. Download our latest contract now.

Dyce Energy Direct Debit Mandate

Really, we promise, this is NOT a hard sell. But if you have want to check that you have the latest document or if you have misplaced your document you can download a new one here.

VAT Declaration Form

If your business is VAT exempt, or a proportion of the business use is domestic then we are able to reduce your VAT and CCL obligation on your energy tariffs. Simply download and return the attached form for the site that is qualifying for reduced rates. If you’re not sure if your business qualifies for reduced VAT visit our FAQs for more information.

Change of Tenancy Form

If your business is re-locating, closing or simply changing its legal name then we will need you to complete our Change of Tenancy Form. This allows us to understand the nature of your energy contract changes and obtain the supporting documents to allow us to amend your agreement accordingly.

Non-Consuming Meter Form

If your meter isn’t consuming any gas and you don’t intend to consume gas for a lengthy period, then please complete the attached form and email it to [email protected].

Credit Policy

If you want to check if your business meets our credit policy please download our latest credit criteria.

Whilst Dyce Energy takes all responsible measures for scanning documents for viruses and bugs, we encourage you to have appropriate anti-virus software in place before downloading our documents.