Make the most of your energy

Let’s be honest – it’s a no brainer to save energy.

We know that you have a day job, other business costs and in general – you’re a busy person. But we don’t want you to waste your precious energy.

There’s tons of benefits to reducing your energy usage. In some cases, saving energy is child’s play and doesn’t cost you a penny.

Here's some helpful tips

Understand your usage

Our dedicated customer portal, Your Energy Online, shows your month on month energy usage. It’s a good idea to track if usage has gone up or down based on your business activity. For example, if your business was closed for the whole of July, why is there a large energy bill.

Submit meter reads

Make sure that we only bill you for the energy that you are using. By submitting meter reads monthly we can keep your account up to date and month on month bill you more accurately. There’s plenty of help on how to do this one our Meter Readings page.

Choose an energy champion

Empower your employees. Energy conservation is everyone’s responsibility not just yours. If you have a team of employees, they might like the idea of responsibility that makes a big difference to your running costs. It also sends a great message to the team that your business cares about the energy it is using and how it affects the planet. By choosing an Energy Champion/s you can ensure that energy usage has a complete focus in your business. Why not send us a photo of your Energy Champion via our social media. Together let’s raise awareness of the importance of energy reduction.

Only use it if you need it

It’s simple, your parents always used to say it, but TURN THINGS OFF when you’ve done. OK, it’s not quite the same as at home in business, but the same principles apply. Don’t leave lights on when you go home if you can, set automated timers for your heating and electronic products, don’t leave taps running and most importantly try and drive a culture in your business of saving energy.

Close doors

Keeping doors closed can reduce your heating costs. Use automatic door closers to make it impossible for someone to leave the door open and install draft proofing to stop heat from escaping.

Office appliances only

Make sure your staff only use company provided equipment. Using non-company appliances is not only a danger to your health and safety but it could push your energy costs up without you realising.

Don't leave items on standby

Electrical appliances will use power even if they are on standby. See if they can be turned off at the mains safely when your business closes.

Manage your heating and controls

Your boiler may be too big for your building, or vice versa. It may also be old and in efficient. Either way it could be working hard to heat your building when it doesn’t have to. A Gas Safe engineer who does commercial heating should be able to give you advice on your boilers efficiency.

Why not install heating controls in the building? Retrofitting thermostats to radiators or installing heating controls can not only mean that you save energy, but you have a more even room temperature across the building.

Improve your business lighting

The cheapest lighting is day light. Where ever possible install glass windows and doors to enable you to leave the lights off.

The cost of installing LED lighting has reduces significantly in recent years. LED lighting is ready available in most retails shops and online and can be retrofitted to your existing light fittings in some cases. LED lighting uses 80% less energy than old traditional lighting and could save you a packet over the lifetime of the product.

PIR motion sensors can be retrofitted to your lights and can ensure that no one leaves a light on again! In certain areas of your building you might need security lighting that stays on all the time, but even then, this can be upgraded to new efficient lighting.

Reduce your print costs

Printing can use lots of energy, it also wastes lots of paper. Just think about the money you could save by choosing to reduce your business printing to a minimal usage. At Dyce Energy we prefer email billing and try to keep our customers and suppliers online to save the need for printing.

Get an energy audit

There’s lots of support out there. Lots of companies offer free or low-cost energy audits. For independent advice visit or