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Why Choose Dyce Energy

Understanding your energy costs isn’t always easy; we’ve made our bills clear and simple for everyone.
It’s simple: We want to save you money by providing competitive energy tariffs for your business.
Access all your important information wherever you are with our cloud-based energy management tools.
Our team of experts is bursting with energy & on hand to provide guidance on all your business electricity and gas needs.

Our Business Energy Tariffs

At Dyce Energy, we offer affordable business electricity and gas products to companies across the UK. Our range of tariffs is designed to give you the flexibility to find the perfect solution for your business.

Fixed Term Tariff

Variable Rate Tariff

You secure a guaranteed unit rate, usually over a fixed time period between one and five years. Here at Dyce Energy we offer contracts up to three years 

Your unit rate for the energy you use can fluctuate. You can leave at any time as long as you provide your supplier notice. 

Energy Plans

Business Energy for Small and Large Businesses

We have specialised tariffs and processes for large and small businesses, so you can feel confident you’re getting the best business energy for your needs. 

We understand the complexities and demands that come with running a large business or one that has multiple sites. 

If you run a large organisation, we can offer you a range of flexible products to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Learn more by visiting our large business energy supply page.

Switching Tool

Our switching process is incredibly simple. Our large business electricity and gas tariffs are as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1 - Share your details

To generate a bespoke quote for your business, we’ll need a few details, this includes:

  • Company name, address and reg number
  • Current contract end date
  • Number of business sites
  • Estimated Annual Consumption

Step 2 - Pick Your Energy Tariff

We offer a range of bespoke business energy tariffs, including our popular renewable electricity and gas packages. You can easily get your quote online by selecting the tariff you prefer.

If your annual usage exceeds 299,999kWh of electricity, or 731,999kWh of gas, you will need to fill out bespoke quote form.

Step 3 - Leave the Rest to Us

Once you have accepted your energy quote, one of our sales advisors will be in touch regarding a contract that will be sent via DocuSign.

If your annual usage exceeds the limits of our online tool, our team will be in touch to discuss your personalised quote and any any queries you may have.

Business Energy FAQs

Generally, you can’t cancel a business energy contract until the renewal window opens. This will depend on the details of your contract. Most business energy contracts have a minimum of 12 months but can go up to 36 months.

No, the energy price cap only applies to home energy and not business energy. 

When choosing a business electricity and gas plan, you’ll have the option of a fixed or variable tariff.

Fixed-term plans guarantee the unit price of electricity and gas for a set period, while variable rates will have the unit price go up or down.

Fixed energy prices can be helpful for long-term financial planning, as you’ll know exactly what costs you need to pay for your electricity or gas. However, variable tariffs offer the potential of reduced costs if energy prices decrease.

You can learn more about fixing your business energy prices by reading our guide.

Yes, business electricity and gas are usually cheaper than domestic energy. However, you need to keep in mind that businesses pay a higher rate of VAT on energy and are subject to longer contracts.

Yes, if your business is VAT-registered, you can claim back the VAT paid on utility bills like electricity and gas.

You can learn more in our guide to VAT for business energy.