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Mental Health Champion – Amber Smith

Who are you?  

I’m Amber, 28, from Barnsley. I have worked at Dyce for 2 years as an operations administrator. In my spare time outside of work I like to spend time with family, friends and love going travelling. My life goal is to visit most states in America. 

Why do you feel mental health is important?  

I feel that Mental health is super important because it affects how we think, feel and act. Taking care of our mental wellbeing helps us handle stress, make good choices and enjoy life more. It is like giving our minds a big hug! 

Why do you think you are suited to be a mental health champion?  

I believe I am suited to be a mental health champion because I enjoy helping other people, listening to their concerns and offering support. It’s important to have someone who you can trust and talk to when going through a tough time. If you ever need to chat, I am always here for everyone.