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Mental Health Champion – Celia Adams

Who are you?  

I’m Celia, I joined Dyce roughly 4 years ago, originally as a sales agent before progressing to my current role as the sales admin team leader. It’s been a crazy journey to this point with lots of changes along the way. I’m a Mum and Nanan, although my children have now moved away, my house is still the point of contact for the full family! 

Why do you feel mental health is important? 

I feel that mental health is important as we need to feel competent for our family life as well as our work life. I’m a big believer that talking through any issue you may have with some is always a good place to start. In the modern age with social media, it is now hard to know what you should look like, how you should behave and what material things you should have, these all contribute to some level of anxiety within us all.   

Why do you think you are suited to be a mental health champion? 

I feel that I am suited to be a mental health champion due to my life experience raising my children, I’ve been through and dealt with it all. Alongside this and running a home, working and being there for my wider family, I have experienced a wealth of issues which I think uniquely places me as someone who can identify with most people. I have also previously volunteered for Samaritans, where I was available to talk to anyone who rang in because they felt they couldn’t or were struggling with day-to-day life. 

For me being a mental health champion is not isolated to providing advice but is more about reminding people of the things they have in life, their friends, their family. It’s all about being a point of contact that my colleagues feel they can speak to and for me to signpost them to the correct resources and areas to get the support required.