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Mental Health Champion – Dan Bennett

Who are you? (Name, Age, where you live, position at Dyce, length of employment, a bit about yourself) 

I’m Dan, 34, from Rotherham. I have recently joined Dyce as the direct sales manager. Outside of work my passions are playing football, spending time with my pocket bully Nala. I also hold an interest in home renovation which means I live inside a mini construction site most of the time!  

But it’s not all fun and games, I’m also keen on studying mind & body, I’m a published author, looking to start my investment journey and love a good podcast.  

Why do you feel mental health is important? 

My belief is that mental health is essential for all walks of life. Home, social and work life satisfaction are all so dependent on the well-being of our mental health. Depending on the state of our mental health, this can affect our relationships with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues, both in a positive and negative manner.  

Why do you think you are suited to be a mental health champion? 

I feel that I am suited to be a mental health champion as I’m a good listener and I feel that I can listen without any bias or judgement. I’m genuinely passionate about people not allowing things to fester and getting them to express how they feel, it always feels better to get things off your chest.