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New Feature Alert!

Thanks to feedback from our Partners and Customers we are pleased to have developed our systems to enable us to provide aggregated email notifications and additional users to an account.

Aggregated Emails

Customers and Partners have given us useful feedback that they have been receiving many of the same notifications for multi-site accounts. We understand the need to have separate bills and information, but with this came separate emails. Now, with our new upgrade, customers can select to have one email notification for bills and contract updates showing all sites and accounts*. This new feature means less clogging of your inbox and all your site information updates in one email.

Add Additional Users

In addition to our email aggregation update we have given customers the ability to add a second contact to their account. Often businesses want more than one person to receive emails notifications for bills, meter reads and more. This new functionality allows our Partners and Customers to continually keep control of their energy usage.

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback and we look forward to updating you with further improvements.



*If configured under one business name, speak to us about how to consolidate your notifications under one email.