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New Low Cost Tariff Alert!

It’s safe to say that the energy market has been challenging over the past 18 months. In an effort to maintain our low-cost competitive tariff to customers, even through the most challenging times, we have designed a new tariff. Our Advance Saver Tariff will be our most cost-effective business gas or electricity contract and will launch next week.

Designed to smooth the ups and downs of supplying businesses with energy and compensate for periods of estimated usage, our Advance Saver Tariff will provide our customers with low-cost gas or electricity, with an advance payment taken on or around the contract start to the value of one month’s energy usage. The payment is held until the customer switches away, at which point it will be credited back.

We can promise that the Advance Saver will always be more cost effective than our other tariffs. The new tariff comes packed with goodies such as green energy options and smart meters too!

To take advantage of our Advance Saver Tariff’s Contact Us today.