Same Service, Different Face

As we reflect on a truly remarkable year of growth, Dyce Energy is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey – a bold and vibrant rebranding initiative.

Standing Out In The Energy Landscape:

After six successful years in the industry, we realised the need to distinguish ourselves in the competitive energy sector. This realisation has led us to embark on a transformative rebranding journey, marked by the unveiling of our dynamic new logo.

Updates Across Platforms:

You may have already caught a glimpse of our exciting changes on our website, social media channels, and customer/partner portals. As part of this evolution, you can expect to see updates to our logos on bills and statements in the coming months.

Same Exceptional Service, Fresh New Look:

Dyce Energy remains committed to providing the same unique and exceptional service you’ve come to rely on, now with a sleek new logo that reflects our forward-thinking approach.

Phased Rebranding For A Smooth Transition:

To ensure a seamless transition, we’ve opted for a phased rebranding approach with the goal of completion by the end of Q1 2024. During this period, you may still come across our previous logos, but consider this message your exclusive sneak peek to avoid any surprises.

Gratitude For Your Support:

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated staff, invaluable partners, and loyal customers for your unwavering support and constructive feedback. Your contributions have been instrumental in making this rebranding initiative possible.

Share Your Thoughts:

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! Feel free to share your feedback on our social platforms. Your insights are incredibly valuable to us.

Contact Us:

Should you have any questions or if there’s anything you’d like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Exciting times lie ahead for Dyce Energy, and we’re thrilled to have you with us on this journey of growth and positive change.

New Low Cost Tariff Alert!

It’s safe to say that the energy market has been challenging over the past 18 months. In an effort to maintain our low-cost competitive tariff to customers, even through the most challenging times, we have designed a new tariff. Our Advance Saver Tariff will be our most cost-effective business gas or electricity contract and will launch next week.

Designed to smooth the ups and downs of supplying businesses with energy and compensate for periods of estimated usage, our Advance Saver Tariff will provide our customers with low-cost gas or electricity, with an advance payment taken on or around the contract start to the value of one month’s energy usage. The payment is held until the customer switches away, at which point it will be credited back.

We can promise that the Advance Saver will always be more cost effective than our other tariffs. The new tariff comes packed with goodies such as green energy options and smart meters too!

To take advantage of our Advance Saver Tariff’s Contact Us today.

We’ve Got the Power!

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our new electricity tariffs in June 2023. Over the past 12 months we have been working hard testing our systems with a pilot electricity project and, after some minor tweaks, we are ready to release our new products.

Dyce Energy have been supplying thousands of businesses with competitive gas tariffs for nearly 6 years and we are pleased to be able to provide you with our smart, green electricity product, as well as some standard energy tariffs. Using the same industry leading customer portal and app you will be able to manage your gas and electricity costs all in the same place.

Power your business into the future!

More support for businesses against the wholesale energy markets

In April 2023 the Government will launch the Energy Bill Discount Scheme (EBDS), which will run for 12 months from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024, replacing the current Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS).

What discount is available with EBDS?

EBDS provides qualifying businesses a discount on their gas and electricity unit rates. Discount will be applied if wholesale prices are above a certain price threshold. For most non-domestic energy users in Great Britain and Northern Ireland these maximum discounts have been set at:

– Gas – £6.97 per MWh with a price threshold of £107 per MWh
– Electricity – £19.61 per megawatt hour (MWh) with a price threshold of £302 per MWh

Energy Trade Intensive Industries (ETII) businesses, those with a high energy consumption, will get a bigger discount than other businesses and the threshold price is set at:

– Gas – £40 per MWh with a price threshold of £99 per MWh
– Electricity – £89 per MWh with a price threshold of £185 per MWh

Am I eligible for EBDS?

The scheme will be available to everyone on a non-domestic contract including:

– businesses
– voluntary sector organisations, such as charities
– public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and care homes

who are:

– on existing fixed price contracts that were agreed on or after 1 December 2021
– signing new fixed price contracts
– on deemed / out of contract or variable tariffs
– on flexible purchase or similar contracts

Am I eligible for Further Discount under Energy Trade Intensive Industries (ETII)?

To see if your business is classed as energy intensive click HERE

What if my contracted energy rates are below the minimum threshold?

You’ll not be eligible for a discount if the rates you’re paying are below the minimum threshold.

How does it work?

As with the EBRS, energy suppliers will automatically apply reductions to the bills of all eligible non-domestic customers. But if your business is one of the listed Energy Trade Intensive Industries, then you will have to apply for the discount and provide evidence to your energy supplier. Suppliers will be compensated from the government for the reduction in wholesale gas and electricity unit prices that they are passing onto business customers.

The discount applied to usage from 1st April 2023 and will be deducted off the bill by the supplier in pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh).

For more information and updates visit the Government website HERE

Partner Portal Relaunch

Following our return to market, we are pleased to relaunch our Partner portal.

The portal enables our Partners to provide quotes and create contract documents with just a few simple clicks. You can submit contracts and track the registration process to live date.

We have listened to our Partners and added some new features to improve functionality.

In addition Partners can now see commissions and self-billing invoices in the portal.

Contact our Partner Relationship Manager on to find our more.

Click here to access our user guide

Helping Businesses through the Winter Months…..

The government will provide energy bill relief for businesses throughout the UK. Discounts will be applied to energy usage initially between 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023.

Are you Eligible?

The scheme will be available to everyone on a non-domestic contract including:


-voluntary sector organisations, such as charities

-public sector organisations such as schools, hospitals and care homes

who are:

-on existing fixed price contracts that were agreed on or after 1st December 2021

-signing new fixed price contracts

-on deemed / out of contract or variable tariffs

-on flexible purchase or similar contracts

How does it work?

Suppliers will be compensated from the government for the reduction in wholesale gas and electricity unit prices that they are passing onto business customers. The discount will be applied to usage from 1st October 2022 and will be deducted off the bill in pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) from the unit rate. For fixed contracts the discount will reflect the government published discounts each day from 1st  December 2021, based on the date the contract was agreed. For out of contract the discount will reflect the Government’s variable contract discount, which is fixed for the discount period.

All discounts have a maximum limit and will stop at the Governments set minimum price.

The link to the published discount prices can be found below:

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: discounts for fixed, default and variable contracts – GOV.UK (

Dyce Energy has updated its systems and is ready to offer discounts to qualifying customers in November 2022 and throughout the discount period

For the full break down on how the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will affect you and your business please see below:

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: help for businesses and other non-domestic customers – GOV.UK (

We’re Taking Your Commissions Online…

Great news! In October 2022 we’re taking our Partner commissions online. Our Partners will be able to see commissions and self-bill invoices in our Partner Portal.

Dyce Energy have over 200 Partners selling energy contracts via our Partner Portal. Launched in 2020 the portal is responsible for thousands of contract submissions. With our latest update you’ll not only be able to create and track your sales teams quotes and contracts online with Dyce, but you’ll be also able to track your monthly commission all in one place. To date Dyce have emailed commission invoices and reports but in a matter of day’s you’ll be notified to login online.

Like any new system updates we test and test again, however we may see some initial teething issues and would value your feedback after launch.

If you want to know more about our Partner Portal, or have a query about our new online commissions, please Contact Us today.


New Faces at Dyce Energy

In line with our plans to grow the business and to support Partners and Customers, we are pleased to introduce some of our latest recruits.

Amber Smith joined in June 2022 in the role as Operations Administrator, and she will be helping our clients and Partners alike with operational tasks.

Some of you might have already met our new Partner Relationship Manager, Dan Owen. Dan also joined the business in June 2022 and has already hit the ground running building strong relationships with our Partners. If you want to talk about Dyce Energy and how we can work together please contact or call us on 01709357315.

ADR Scheme Going Live on 1st December 2022

As part of the ‘Microbusiness Strategic Review’ Ofgem and the Ombudsman are launching the new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme on the 1st December 2022.  

Ofgem have been looking to improve the experiences of microbusiness customers, including better and fairer deals. As a result, they’ve decided that energy suppliers will only be able to work with Third Party Intermediaries that are signed up to a qualifying dispute resolution scheme. 


What’s about to change?  

  • Provision of principal contractual terms, including third party cost information: strengthening supply licence conditions around the provision of principal contractual terms to ensure consumers receive key information, including about costs, both pre and post contract entrance, in all cases.  
  • TPI dispute resolution: Introducing a requirement for suppliers to only work with TPI’s signed up to a qualifying alternative dispute resolution scheme.  
  • Banning termination notification requirements: prohibiting suppliers from requiring microbusinesses to provide notice of their intent to switch, except for evergreen contracts.  
  • Information and awareness: Citizens Advice are creating new and updated information materials so that microbusiness can access up to date guidance and advice 


Have you put your application in?  


We will be emailing our Partners in October and November to request your ADR number. Please see the link below for more details: 


Energy Brokers | Ombudsman Services ( 

National Fitness Day 2021

In September 2021 the whole team at Dyce Energy took part in ‘National Fitness Day’. The day included a whole host of activities for the Dyce Team at our head office in Wath Upon Dearne, including yoga classes, kettle bell training, spin bike fun and a range of healthy snacks throughout the day to keep the team bursting with energy.

National Fitness Day is an annual event, which attempts to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier lifestyles through being physically active.
Here’s how we got involved at Dyce…